Sunday, April 27, 2008

Racist & anti-white policies of the African National Congress

South Africa - Poor Whites
Broadcast: 30/05/2006
Reporter: Zoë Daniel

Minister in the Presidency Essop Goolam Pahad tells this reporter in no uncertain terms that the ANC government does not care about the welfare of the White people of South Africa. The ANC Government recently announced that Affirmative Action is here to stay forever, meaning that White South Africans will forever be second class citizens in the new South Africa.


DANIEL: Isn't black economic empowerment though in itself a racist policy?


DANIEL: Well because it's about race. The entire policy is race based.

ESSOP PAHAD: Is that so? I don't know. Why don't you look at our Constitution?

DANIEL: Well the very phrase "black economic empowerment" implies that it's race based.


ESSOP PAHAD: If affirmative action is not based on socio-economic conditions, what do you think it's based on?

DANIEL: White people who are poor are not covered under the BEE are they?

ESSOP PAHAD: What do you understand by socio-economic conditions?

DANIEL: Well I'm talking about people living in poverty clearly.

ESSOP PAHAD: Yes and where's the overwhelming majority of people?

DANIEL: Look I'm well aware that...

ESSOP PAHAD: No I'm asking!

DANIEL: No I'm well aware most ...

ESSOP PAHAD: You see because your questions...

DANIEL: ... poor people in South Africa are black.

ESSOP PAHAD: No... look...

DANIEL: What I'm asking is ...

ESSOP PAHAD: I don't want to fight with you but your questions are wrong.

DANIEL: ... economic..

ESSOP PAHAD: Because all you're doing...

DANIEL: They're questions. They can't be wrong!

ESSOP PAHAD: No but all you're sitting here...

DANIEL: They're questions.

ESSOP PAHAD: ... and you're sitting here and worried about whites. I mean no, man sorry. Sorry. Our real fundamental concerns must be the millions of our people who are living under conditions of poverty and under development and they are Africans.

DANIEL: Some of whom are white.

ESSOP PAHAD: Yes but the overwhelming majority -- 80/90% are Africans living in rural areas, living in the townships here. You're sitting here and all your questions is about the whites. Sorry, I, you know I mean you may use it. You don't want to use it it's up to you. I don't find it acceptable.

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